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Public Works

    John Capron Road is located in the City of Lynchburg’s industrial area off of Odd Fellows Road consisting of many industrial businesses including the recently added Boxley Asphalt plant.  The street started off of Mayflower Drive but terminated shortly after approximately a half of a mile of roadway.  The many industrial vehicles from the area all used Mayflower and Candlers Mountain Road to get to 460 which became heavily congested with the commercial truck traffic. The extension of John Capron Road had been

    Originally built in 1957, the existing Link Road Bridge is a one span bridge, with a concrete deck, steel beams, and concrete abutments. It measures 54’ in length with two 12’ wide lanes and no sidewalk. The replacement bridge will be lengthened to approximately 87’ long with two 15’ wide lanes. There will also be a sidewalk added on the downstream side of the bridge. The construction of the replacement bridge will include a concrete deck, pre-stressed concrete bulb tee beams, semi-integral backwalls, and concrete abutments on steel piles.

    Q If I pay for my trash collection via my Home Owner’s Association (HOA), will I have the $10 fee on my water utility bill?
    A No, if you receive private trash collection through your HOA, you will not be billed. However, if your HOA pays for your City trash collection, they will be billed.

    Often the items that you place in bulk trash can actually be useful to others. Before you go to throw something away, please investigate whether donating, scrapping or otherwise disposing of your old items is a possibility. 

    Oversized items present a special waste problem. When large items are no longer useful, it is often difficult to store them until they can be properly disposed. However, with a little planning and sometimes just a single phone call, your oversized "junk" can find new life and do a whole lot of good in our community.

    Composting is a process that breaks down organic material into its basic components and then uses those, combined with natural additives, to produce a material that improves soil.

    When will the new brush and bulk collection system begin?

    The new system begins October 1, 2020. 

    Will I be able to set my brush and bulk out together?

    While brush and bulk will be collected in the same week, it is important to keep these piles separate. They will be collected separately and brush is taken to a different location where it is turned into mulch. When the piles are mixed, everything is taken to the landfill. This takes up valuable space in the landfill and also adds to the City’s disposal costs.

    If you need to switch out your 32-gallon trash cart for a 64-gallon or vice versa, or have other cart service requests, call our Citizens First Information Center at (434) 856-CITY (2489).

    Please allow up to one month for us to process your request due to the volume of requests we are receiving. We appreciate your patience.

    Trash Collection System Changes Began October 1, 2020

    Trash decals have been eliminated; instead, a $10 trash disposal fee will be added to your monthly water utility bill. This new system also includes a different and improved method to collect your brush and bulk items. Your current trash collection day will NOT change. We appreciate your patience and cooperation during the implementation of this new system.

    The City of Lynchburg plans to reconstruct a new section of Lakeside Drive in order to improve traffic flow through the existing intersection at Lakeside Drive/ College Drive/ Old Forest Road and as a requested precursor to the College Lake Dam Removal project. These modifications will enhance safety and improve access to the University of Lynchburg, via Hopwood Drive.
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