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    Damage Assessments

    Following an emergency event, City inspectors conduct assessments of impacted areas to determine the extent of the disaster, as well as its impact on individuals and public facilities. The City’s timeliness in identifying damage to buildings and infrastructure following an emergency event is an important requirement of our community’s ability to receive State and Federal assistance.

    These inspections requirements involve considerable staff time to meet strict reporting deadlines. The challenges of navigating our community following the event and identify damage that is not visible from public right-of-way often limits our ability to report the extent of damage our community faces. We need your help!  

    Please use the link below to help us identify damage. By completing this simple form, you can help make our inspectors aware of damage to your property, a public facility or a road closure. City inspectors will follow up as resources become available to insure the damage is documented and, when possible, address impacts to public facilities.


    Disclaimer: Please note that this form is only intended to report damage for the purposes of a State or Federal Disaster Declaration reporting. It is not intended to report an emergency or immediate life safety issue. If you have an emergency, please dial 911.