Community Code Compliance Team

The purpose of the Community Code Compliance Team is to develop and implement a proactive, coordinated and focused long-term strategy to improve living conditions through consistent code compliance, thereby facilitating a positive impact on the quality of life in Lynchburg.

The strategic focus of the Community Code Compliance Team will be to:

  • enforce codes in a fair and effective manner;
  • instill a spirit of cooperation and trust among team members'
  • devise new strategies to address neighborhood and citizen concerns, including citizen engagement and education;
  • improve communication between the City, other agencies and the public regarding compliance activities, and
  • conduct neighborhood walkthroughs to see and hear citizen concerns firsthand.

The Community Code Compliance Team is a core group of City employees whose job responsibilities relate to compliance and quality of life issues.  The membership of this multi-disciplinary team consists of representatives of the City Manager's Office, Inspections, Billings and Collections, Fire Marshal, Waste Management, Police, Community Development, City Attorney's Office, Public Services, Customer Service Division, Social Services Division, Commissioner of the Revenue, Lynchburg Redevelopment and Housing Authority and City Council.

City Council and the City Manager endorse and support the work of the team and have empowered its members to work cooperatively toward a common purpose.  Each member of the team brings with them the authority inherent in their position.  Collectively, the team can influence a wide range of enforcement and compliance strategies that are beyond the ability of individuals acting alone.  Cooperation among members will enhance the impact the team will have on the quality of life in Lynchburg.

You may request a walkthrough of your neighborhood by contacting Keith Wright, Neighborhood Services Manager at or by calling (434) 455-3921.

Community Code Compliance Team Walkthrough Videos

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