City of Lynchburg’s Department of Fleet Services Wins Multiple Awards

May 31, 2023

The City of Lynchburg’s Department of Fleet Services has recently received several awards including the recipient of a 100 Best Fleets in the Americas award from the NAFA Fleet Management Association, ranking 25 in the top 100 listing. This award recognizes peak-performing public and commercial fleet operations and identifies increasing levels of performance improvement and innovation within the fleet industry in North, Central and South America. 

NAFA has more than 2,000 individual fleet manager members from corporations, law enforcement, government agencies, universities and utilities that use vehicles in its normal conduct of business. NAFA members control more than 4.8 million vehicles and manage assets in excess of $122 billion. These vehicles travel more than 84 billion miles annually. 

The Department of Fleet Services was also honored during the 50 Leading Fleets Awards for 2023 by Government Fleet Magazine. The department took home the #1 spot in the mid-size fleet category and was also named the overall #4 fleet for all categories. 

Considered the best in the industry throughout North America, this award recognizes operations that are performing at a high level, particularly in fleet leadership, competitiveness and efficiency, planning for the future and overcoming challenges. The awards were recently announced in Dallas, Texas at the Government Fleet Expo and Conference, the largest annual conference for public fleets.

In April, Virginia Clean Cities honored numerous people for their outstanding work in clean transportation and emissions reduction in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Fleet Services Director, Charles Cramer, was recognized with the Innovative Fleet Champion Award.

“These awards are great showcases to recognize the important work which dedicated fleet services organizations and their employees are doing every day all across the continent. It’s a huge honor to accept these awards, and I’m incredibly proud of our team and their great accomplishments,” said Charles “Chuck” Cramer, Director of the Department of Fleet Services.  

The Department of Fleet Services is responsible for all fleet asset matters for the City of Lynchburg. Fleet assets consist of vehicles and other equipment used by City agencies while providing services relating to the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of Lynchburg. Fleet operates an ASE-certified Blue Shield shop which provides all major maintenance services using city staff and facilities, with the exception of certain contracted services such as accident repairs, towing and parts management.

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