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    Child Protective Services

    Protective Services to Children (CPS) includes the receiving of reports of abuse/neglect, determining the validity of these reports, conducting an investigation or family assessment to determine if there is evidence to substantiate a report, identifying service needs for families who are the subject of these reports, and providing services to enhance child safety and prevent further abuse/neglect of children.

    For more information about services to
    children or to report a CPS complaint,
    call: (434) 455-5726 (Monday - Friday
    8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.)

    OR e-mail:

    VA Child Protective Services Hotline:
    (after hours and weekends)

    The following information shows Lynchburg Department of Social Services's performance in critical areas and is measured by the Virginia Department of Social Services:

    • In fiscal year 2012, Lynchburg Child Protective Services received 783 reports of child abuse or neglect in our community. An Investigation or Family Assessment was conducted for 537 of those calls that met the legal standard for intervention. In 70 of those cases, the child/children were placed in Foster Care. Most families the department work with are able and willing to implement a plan or engage in services to keep their children safe.
    • During fiscal year 2012, CPS social workers and investigators met or exceeded the indicated response time to determine the safety of the alleged victim child 93.88% of the time. This exceeds the state average.
    FY Summary Locality Recurrence of Maltreatment
    2012 State Target <5.4%
    Lynchburg 0%
    2011 State Target <5.4%
    Lynchburg 3.4%
    2010 State Target <5.4%
    Lynchburg 0%
    2009 State Target <5.4%
    Lynchburg 1.5%
    2008 State Target <5.4%
    Lynchburg 2.5%