Business Licenses and Zoning Approval Forms

Steps to Obtain a Business License


If you are using a trade name and are not registered as a corporation of any type, you must register the name with the Virginia State Corporation Commission

Questions? Visit the SCC's contact page


Home Based Business OR a Food Truck  This form is for a business is based out of your residence. Your residence must be within City limits.  This form is ALSO  to be used if you operate a Food Truck within City limits regardless of your residence location.

Commercial Location The business will be based out of a commercial building, NOT BASED IN A RESIDENCE

Contractors (out-of-town) If your business is not based in Lynchburg.

Contractor operating a home-based business.

Local Contractor operating a commercial-based business.

Changing Location and I Already Have a Business License in Lynchburg If you already have a business license in Lynchburg, please fill out this form if you are changing locations.  Commercial Home-based.

Questions? Call Community Development's Zoning Division  (434) 455-3900

The Business License Application has been streamlined and is now part of the Letter of Zoning Approval Application. For more information on fees and taxes, please see the Commissioner of the Revenue page. You can also contact the Commissioner of the Revenue at or call (434) 455-3880.

Effective January 1, 2017 the City of Lynchburg will no longer issue a Business License for any business with gross receipts/purchases of $10,000 or less.

Zoning Approval Forms


If you are a commercial use that requires a Certificate of Occupancy (but not a business license), fill out the Commercial Zoning Approval form.

Questions? Call Community Development's Zoning Division  (434) 455-3900 


If you need a sign for your commercial location, fill out the sign permit application.

Questions? Call Community Development's Zoning Division (434) 455-3900