Business Development Centre


Administrative body that governs the existing Lynchburg Business Development Centre or “business incubator” as well as the Small Business Development Center. (Regional Board – County residents can apply)


Meets monthly - 1st Tuesday, 3:30 p.m.

Business Development Centre
147 Mill Ridge Rd.
Lynchburg, VA 24502


Brandon M. Baber
Anna Bentson
Economic Development Assistant Director
David Chhum
Ward 3
Kamal Darden
Ward 4
Corey Davis
Ward 1
Pavlina Dirom
Ward 1
Graham P. Evans
Ward 4
Michael A. Forren
Campbell County
Samuel A. Howe
Ward 1
Daniel J. Lee
Ward 2
Stedman Payne
Ward 3
Maurice Preston
Ward 2
Holly Roark
Ward 4
Cheryl Valentine
Ward 1
Reid A. Wodicka
City of Lynchburg
As of 10/01/2019

Liaison:  Byron Steward 434-582-6174

Department Affiliate: Anna Bentson, Office of Economic Development

Membership: Sixteen (16) members (1- Economic Development Director or designee; 1- City Manager or designee; remainder made up of a cross section of the business and educational community)

BYLAWS of Business Development Centre, Inc.

September appointment