Bridges Out of Poverty & Getting Ahead

Bridges Out of Poverty – Purpose and Philosophy 

Bridges Out of Poverty is a lens through which individuals can view themselves, their clients, and the community. It teaches individuals how to think about changes that can be made to break down barriers that are sustaining poverty. Not having enough money is only one aspect of poverty. Poverty is a lack of resources in many areas. People in poverty are often in survival mode, driven by the tyranny of the moment, where the future holds no promise, and support systems taken for granted in middle class and wealth are non-existent. A deeper understanding of their challenges and strengths, help us partner with clients to create opportunities for growth and success.

The video below is a good illustration of the challenges an individual has to become self-sufficient and to no longer rely on public assistance. The Lynchburg statistics vary somewhat, but the basic concept remains the same. There is a large gap between living while receiving benefits and living independent of assistance. Bridges to Progress is working on bridging this gap for the citizens of Lynchburg.

Getting Ahead Classes

This workshop is for people who are living in poverty or unstable situations. It is about building financial stability and a better future for yourself. You will investigate your own situation, assess your strengths and weaknesses, build resources, and create a personal plan that is right for you.

Getting Ahead classes have all completed and may return at a future date.