Boards & Commissions

Volunteer Applications

Individuals must complete an application to identify any special skills, experience or educational preparation which might be helpful to a board or commission.  A separate application is required for the School Board.  

Boards & Commissions ONLINE Application

(Printable PDF-Boards & Commissions Application) - save & mail to Council/Manager Offices

School Board ONLINE Application 

(Printable PDF-School Board Application) - save & mail to Council/Manager Offices

The Clerk of Council processes all Board and Commission applications.

Council/Manager Offices
Alicia L. Finney, Clerk of Council
900 Church Street
Lynchburg, VA 24504
(434) 455-3990

Most boards require residency within the City of Lynchburg. Board and commission members are expected to attend at least 75% of scheduled meetings, and membership is usually limited to three consecutive terms.

Browse through the list of volunteer opportunities below and consider submitting an application for membership to one of these City Council-appointed boards. City Council will fill vacancies as they become available, reviewing applications from the volunteer pool throughout the year. Thank you for your willingness to serve.  

Boards & Commissions FAQs

All Boards and Commissions are subject to the following rules and regulations of the annually updated Code of Virginia:

Virginia Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

Virginia Conflict of Interests Act  (COIA)

Virginia Public Records Act (PRA)

Guide for Local Government  Leaders - FOIA/COIA/PRA 2017-2018 edition