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    Beneficiary Information

    How will my final paycheck be paid in the event of my death?

    By law, in the event of your death, the Finance Department must issue your final pay (for hours worked and leave payouts) as a printed check payable to your estate rather than allowing a direct deposit to go through in your name. This means that Finance will stop the direct deposit and issue a printed check made payable to "The Estate of _______" and your next of kin will need to provide documentation to the Payroll Manager that he or she is entitled to receive the check. Documentation may include proof of Executor-ship of the estate (as outlined in your will) or designation as the Administrator of the estate (received from the Circuit Court of residence).

    The Finance Department may be contacted via phone at 455-4220. You may access additional information on the Final Affairs Brochure.

    Additional Benefit Information


    How will my benefits be paid if I die?

    How can I change or update my beneficiary? 

    Phone Number and Benefit Website


    VRS rules determine how benefits are distributed if you die while an active employee. Benefits are paid by order of precedence or you may have designated a beneficiary. You can choose a survivor benefit plan when you complete a VRS retirement application.  Call VRS to verify your beneficary. To designate or change a beneficiary for the member portion of your VRS benefit, complete VRS-2 form. Instructions are included on the form. VRS

    Life Insurance

    Part of VRS benefits and valued at two times your annual pay rounded up to the nearest thousand. Call VRS to verify your beneficiary. Complete VRS-2 form to designate or change a beneficiary for VRS Group Life and Optional Life benefits. Instructions are included on the form. Minnesota Life

    457 Deferred Compensation Plan

    Account balance is payble to designated beneficiary.  Amount payable depends on your contributions and market earnings or losses. A beneficiary designation was made if you joined the program and you must keep your information up-to-date. Call ICMA or log-in to ICMA on-line account to verify your beneficary. Log in to Account Access to change name, beneficiary or marital status. ICMA-RC Deferred Compensation

    Medical Dental & Vision

    Federally guaranteed continuation of medical, dental, and vision coverage (COBRA) for your family if you die. Eligible family members may choose to maintain coverage with the City plans for up to 36 months by paying a monthly premium. HR will automatically send information to your family in the mail. Human Resources

    Flexible Spending Accounts

    Receipt for claims may be submitted for services received prior to employee's death, any unused funds are forfeited. IRS defines rules. FBA Flexible Spending Accounts
    Employer ID#FBACOLY
    Flexible Benefits Administrators