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    Ballot Information

    Next Election: Sample Ballots are available for the June 8, 2021 Democratic or Republican Primary 

     Ballot Order

    Republican Party Primary Election for  Member House of Delegates District 22

    Isaiah J. Knight
    Kathy J. Byron

    Democratic Party Primary Election

    Terry R. McAuliffe
    Jennifer L. McClellan
    Jennifer D. Carroll Foy
    Lee J. Carter
    Justin E. Fairfax

    Lieutenant Governor
    Hala S. Ayala
    S. Sam Rasoul
    Andria P. McClellan
    Elizabeth R. Guzman
    Sean A. Perryman
    Mark H. Levine
    Xavier JaMar Warren

    Attorney General
    Jerrauld C. "Jay" Jones
    Mark R. Herring


    Lynchburg is in Virginia's th Congressional District and the Commonwealth's State Delegate and State Senate are in District 22 or 23 which is dependent on your residential address