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    Applications and Forms

    Bonds and Letters of Credit Forms

    Developers Performance Bond for Road, Water and Sewer Construction
    ESC and SWM Bond Estimate Spreadsheet
    Land Disturbance Letter of Credit
    Land Disturbance Performance Bond
    Road, Water and Sewer Letter of Credit

    Business License Zoning Approval Forms

    Home Based and Mobile Food Sales 
    Commercial Location
    Contractor (not based in Lynchburg) Zoning Approval

    Historic Preservation Commission Forms

    Certificate of Appropriateness
    Property Owner Authorization

    Inspections Division Forms

    Building And Fire Code Appeal Form
    Building Permit Application (This form is for demolition, electrical, plumbing or mechanical permits that do not require plans.  If your permit requires a plan submittal,
    please come to the Inspections Division in the Customer Service Center, 2nd Floor, City Hall.)
    Construction Permit Application (This form is to be used for permits that require a plan submittal.)
    Fee Schedule
    Shrink-Swell Soil Disclaimer
    Rental Inspection Registration Online Form

    Planning Division and Technical Review Committee Forms

    Fee Schedule
    Deed of Vacation Sample
    eTrakit Project Account Application
    Grading Only Application 
    Memorandum of Understanding for Public Art
    Property Owner Authorization
    Public Art Policy
    Public Hearing Application
    Site Plan Application
    Sketch Plan Approval (for Planned Unit Development)
    Street/Alley/Right-of-way Vacation Application
    Subdivision Application
    Technical Review Committee Submittal Schedule 2020/2021

    Short Term Rental Forms

    Bill-to Form
    Closed Form
    Exemption Application

    Zoning and Natural Resources Division Forms

    Board of Zoning Appeals Application
    ESC Checklist for Commercial Site Plan Review
    ESC Design Summary Tables
    ESC Required Parameters for Summary Tables
    Fee Schedule
    Height Elevation Certificate
    Land Disturbance Permit
    Sign Permit Application
    Single Family Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP)
    Stormwater Maintenance Agreement
    Stormwater VRRM Spreadsheets
    Temporary Use Permit
    Zoning Classifications Summary

    Other Zoning Approval Forms

    Commercial Zoning Approval (Use this form if you have a commercial location that is not associated with a business.)
    Commercial Zoning Approval (Use this form if you have a commercial business that is changing location.)