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    The Lynchburg Fire Department is an internationally accredited fire department. Accreditation is a designation offered by the Commission on Fire Accreditation International, Center for Public Safety Excellence. The CPSE is a non-profit organization founded in 1996 by the International Association of Fire Chiefs and the International City/County Management Association.

    The CPSE provides a comprehensive system of fire and emergency service evaluation that can help local governments determine their risks and fire safety needs, evaluate the performance of the organizations involved, and provide a method for continuous improvement. The Commission can elevate the professionalism and level of service delivery within the fire and emergency services.

    In addition to receiving national recognition, this process provides the opportunity to identify areas within the department that may be enhanced. It further helps the department focus on the necessary improvements required to maintain a nationally-recognized, first-class fire department that provides continuous quality improvements and professional service to our community. The overriding principle involved when participating in the accreditation process is that of validating performance.

    In order to validate our performance, the department has conducted a self-assessment that was used by both agency personnel and CFAI to verify appropriateness and effectiveness of departmental activities. The self-assessment process served as a basis for selecting appropriate courses of action and provides for lessens learned, proving invaluable for planning future changes in the organization. In brief, the evaluation is designed to assist both the agency and the CFAI to obtain information about the activities of the department in a reasonably objective setting so that it can be determined whether current planning decisions and future operations are, or will achieve the stated goals of the organization.

    The department was originally accredited by the Commission in September 2006 and then had its accreditation reaffirmed by the Commission in March 2012. The accredited agency status is valid for five (5) years.

    For more information on the accreditation process or status, contact Fire Chief Greg Wormser.