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Fire Station 2 - Grace Street

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In service since the latter part of 1883, Engine 2 has always been located on Grace Street. Following the formation of the department in the spring of 1883, the city inherited three fire stations but soon found itself in need of a forth station in Diamond Hill. Although this was the fourth station, it received the designation of Station 2. Originally built to accommodate horse drawn apparatus, this station served the Fire Department until its replacement in 1957 by a new suburban style station just a few blocks up Grace street.

Upon the construction of the new station, Engine 2 also had the distinction of being home to Fire Administration, which at that time consisted of the Chief and his staff.

Throughout the years, Station 2 has been the home to many different pieces of apparatus and units. In addition to Engine 2, this station has also housed Medic 2, Tanker 2 and during the mid- to late-1970's the Blue Ridge Emergency Medical Services "Cardiac Response Unit".

Currently, Station 2 is home to Engine 2, Medic 2, and EMS2.