When will residents with two carts (or more) pay more?

By 2021 citizens will eventually be billed for each cart they have. If you no longer want your extra cart(s), return to Public Works to ensure you are only charged for the cart(s) you are using.

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1. If I pay for my trash collection via my Home Owner’s Association (HOA), will I have the $10 fee on my water utility bill?
2. I have two trash carts but only put the second cart out occasionally. Will I be charged $20 each month?
3. When will residents with two carts (or more) pay more?
4. Some residents recycle, use the free trip to the landfill or have a business dumpster they use for trash collection and don’t put a trash cart out for City collection. Will they be charged the $10?
5. If a citizen lives in an apartment or has trash collected through their HOA can they use the drop off recycling sites, household hazardous waste collection or the Concord Turnpike Convenience Center?
6. Can a resident hire a private company to do their trash collection?
7. Do residents in trailer parks/manufactured homes participate in trash collection?
8. If I own a duplex or a 4-unit building with one water meter what will my fee be?
9. I own properties at which I use private haulers. Will that property get an increase on the water bill?
10. When will the new system begin, and why did the City eliminate the trash decals?
11. I currently have a 32-gallon trash cart. How do I get a larger, 64-gallon cart?
12. Will I be able to set my brush and bulk out together?
13. How often can I set out brush and bulk?