My neighbor is not cutting their grass. What can be done?

You may not allow weeds/grass to grow in excess of 12 inches. If you would like to file a complaint, please call 434-856-2489 (CITY) or visit the Citizens First page.

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1. My neighbor is not cutting their grass. What can be done?
2. My neighbor's yard is a mess and trash is everywhere. What can be done?
3. I am planning an addition to my house or building a detached garage. What are the setbacks for my property?
4. How do I get a handicap parking space in front of my house?
5. A tree is hanging over my property from my neighbor's yard. How can I get the City to do something about it?
6. My neighbor has a junk vehicle or someone has left their junk vehicle on my property. What can be done?
7. I believe there are too many people living in the house next door. What can be done?
8. I believe there is illegal business next door. What can be done?
9. How high may I build my fence and what are the setbacks from neighbor's yard?
10. I would like to put up a sign on my business. What are the restrictions? What about banners or temporary signs?
11. The house next door is vacant and people appear to be using it for suspicious activity. What can be done?
12. Can my neighbor park his commercial vehicle on their property?
13. How do I apply for a business license?