Rain Barrels

Rain Barrels

Interested in conserving water, decreasing stormwater runoff, and helping the health of our watersheds? Rain barrels are a simple solution to a big problem.

Rain barrels come in different colors, shapes, and sizes, but they all provide a sustainable solution that allows residents to harvest rainwater. By collecting and storing stormwater from rooftops, rain barrels help slow the flow of water during storm events.

Decreasing the amount of water entering your yard at one time helps to limit the amount of sediment (dirt) and other pollutants entering our waterways. 

Rain Barrel

Use of Rain Barrel Water

Below are some recommended uses for your rain barrel’s water.

Rain Barrel Uses

Rain Barrel Workshops: Join one of our workshops to learn all about rain barrels and make one of your own! There is a presentation about rain barrel benefits, how to make your barrel, and maintenance tips followed by a barrel building workshop. We provide all of the tools needed. The workshop is free, barrels are $50 each. Look for upcoming workshops in the event calendar or contact us.

Rain Barrels

Barrel Brush: If you would like to paint a rain barrel for your home then join us for Barrel Brush! We provide the rain barrels (already sanded and prepped for painting), paint, and stencils while you provide the creativity. Barrel Brush events are held outside under a covered pavilion in a Lynchburg park. Look for upcoming workshops in the event calendar or contact us. 

Painted Rain Barrel