Blackwater CSO Tunnel

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About LYHBeyond

LYHBeyond, the Blackwater CSO Tunnel Project, will be the largest capital project in the City of Lynchburg’s history and will be the most impactful project to date in protecting our streams, the Blackwater Creek and the James River. The project will construct a nearly mile-long, 12-foot wide underground tunnel along the Blackwater Creek that will serve as a storage tank for up to 4.7 million gallons of excess combined sewage and stormwater during significant rainfalls, keeping it from overflowing into our waterways. 

LYHBeyond will move the City closer to the end of a decades-long CSO program that has greatly improved the water quality of Lynchburg's streams and the James River. To date, the CSO program has eliminated 117 of the 132 overflow points and reduced the overflow volume and pollutant load by over 93%.

On September 18, 2023, Lynchburg Water Resources hosted a public meeting to explain the LYHBeyond project. Watch here: