Parking Policy


The Lynchburg Parking Authority is a not-for-profit public service organization established under chapter 76 of the 1974 Acts of Assembly. On October 11, 1994, the City Council passed resolution Number R-94-271 creating the Authority, and five members were appointed to serve on the Board. On May 24, 2005, the City Council reestablished the Parking Authority and appointed a seven-member board including two members of the City Council. The Parking Authority is responsible for establishing downtown parking policies, approving parking rates, creating and revising parking regulations, and overseeing new parking facility development.

The parking system is designed to maximize the usage of public parking and protect the parking privileges of customers and visitors during normal business hours.

Parking Management

The City Parking Manager is responsible for the day-to-day management of the off and on-street parking program, implementing policy, fiscal oversight of the administration, coordinating maintenance of parking facilities, executing a strategy to address items identified in the Walker Strategic Parking Plan (PDF), and conducting public education outreach programs. The Parking Manager is also responsible for proposing strategies and taking action to maximize the efficiency of parking facilities.

Off-Street Parking

Off-street parking permit customers must complete a Parking Permit Agreement and return it to the Parking Management office. Parking permits will be issued based on the availability of the Parking Facilities. Parking permits are to be displayed on the rearview mirror or visibly displayed on the dashboard. If a permit is lost or stolen, contact the Administrative Parking Coordinator for a replacement. A $5 administrative fee will be charged to replace the parking permit.

Parking permits are the property of the City of Lynchburg and are not to be sold. The City of Lynchburg reserves the right to terminate any parking permit(s) for non-payment. The City reserves the right to amend any and all parts of the agreement at any time. Parking customers will be given a 30-day written notice prior to any changes. Parking permit holders and visitors must comply with the City of Lynchburg's parking rules and regulations.

On-Street Parking

The purpose of on-street parking is one of the City's most valuable assets in the City of Lynchburg's parking system. It is critical that curbside parking be managed to ensure its availability for short-term visitors and business customers. The Parking Authority is committed to ensuring that convenient on-street parking is consistently available in the Central Business District (CBD).

Parking controls are necessary to ensure that on-street parking is used in a manner consistent with the adjacent land use and the demand for parking that accompanies that land use. For example, retail and commercial areas typically have many customers visiting for short periods of time. This means that the curbside parking near retail businesses should not be occupied by all-day parkers. Turnover" of these parking spaces is needed to provide parking for numerous users throughout the day.


The Lynchburg Parking Authority will be primarily responsible for parking enforcement in the downtown Central Business District (CBD). The Central Business District is designated as the area of downtown from 5th Street to the Route 29 Business Expressway and from Clay Street to the Riverfront.

The Parking Management Department is responsible for enforcing the Parking Policy, and Parking Ordinance in Lynchburg's CBD and handles overall administration for parking tickets (i.e. contesting and writing). It also informs the public of parking regulations and answers general questions. Please contact the Parking Management office at 434-455-4045. If you need assistance with parking or other related parking issues outside of the CBD, please call 434-847-1602; and you will contact LYNCOM, the non-emergency dispatch center of the Lynchburg Police Department or call the Police Department information desk at 434-455-6041.

Parking is enforced from 8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday. Parking is free on nights, weekends, and city holidays (New Year's Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, President's Day, Memorial Day, Juneteenth Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day and the day after, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day).

Please feel free to contact the Parking Management Department with questions.

On-Street Residential Parking Permits

The Parking Management Office is responsible for issuing residential parking permits outside of the Central Business District.

Construction Parking Permits

Construction parking permits are issued by the Parking Management Office. Permits will be issued to vehicle owners who are actively engaged in the construction project (Plumbers, Electricians, Contractors, etc.). Construction parking permits shall only be issued for vehicles that are used to transport equipment, tools, and supplies used by the owner at the work site.

Construction Dumpster Permits

Dumpster permits are required in order to place dumpsters in on-street parking spaces or on the City's right-of-way. Permits are issued by the Inspections Division (Neighborhood Services) of the Community Development Department.

Downtown CBD Off-Street Residential Parking Permits

Residents who live in the Central Business District or residential property owners may apply for an overnight parking permit. The permit will allow residents to park one vehicle in a City parking facility closest to their residence for $25 per month. Each additional vehicle permit is $50 per month.

Special Event Parking

Contact the Parking Management Department for further information.

Assignment of City Employee Parking

The Parking Manager, subject to approval by the City Manager, shall designate and assign City employee parking in all City-owned or leased parking facilities. On November 1, 2008, the top level of the Midtown Parking Deck was designated for the City's Leadership Team to park, and parking permits were issued. Department Directors are responsible for requesting parking permits for their new employees.

The top level of the Clay Street Parking Deck has been designated for employee parking. City parking permits are required. Employee parking permits only authorize parking in the facility listed on the permit. The middle level of the Clay Street Deck is primarily for paid public parking, jurors, and Holy Cross Church. The bottom level is for Public Safety employee parking only.

Employees are to display their parking permits at all times when parking in their assigned facilities.

Human Resources will be responsible for obtaining temporary parking permits from Parking Management and disbursing temporary permits to prospective employees and/or employees attending training in City Hall. Based on the size of the group, the parking will be as follows: Less than 10 people (vehicles), parking will be provided in the Midtown Parking Deck, 910 Main Street. For greater than 10 people (vehicles), parking will be provided in the Clay Street Parking Deck.

City Vehicle Parking

City employees driving City vehicles while conducting official business may park on the top level of the Midtown Deck, the top level, or the middle level of the Clay Street Parking Deck. City vehicles shall not be parked for more than the time allotted on-street in the Central Business District.

Parking Revenues

All revenue generated from parking downtown will be dedicated to providing funding for the management and operation of parking facilities, maintenance, security, streetscape improvements, and other downtown amenities.