300 Harrison


The 300 Block of Harrison Street Utility Improvement Project has been completed.

Brick Street
Street Construction
Street Construction 2

Update - Thursday, May 28

Crews should have the intersection of Harrison and 4th Street opened up early next week. They will then continue up Harrison to 3rd Street. The goal is to have all the brickwork completed by the end of July. Thanks again for your patience during this project!

Street Construction 3
Street Construction 4
Street Construction 5

Update - Monday, April 13

The brickwork in the street should begin Wednesday, April 15. Crews will be starting at the intersection of 4th and Harrison and will need to close the intersection to complete the work. It should take seven working days to complete the intersection, and then they will continue up Harrison to 3rd Street The goal is to have all work completed in 5 weeks.

Update: Despite COVID-19, construction on Harrison Street will continue unless we are told otherwise. The water and sewer work is nearing completion, and re-paving of the roadway is set to begin this week. Thanks again for your patience during this project!

What's Being Done

The project involves replacing a 6" water line that is more than 100 years old with a new 8" water line. New water services and meter boxes as well as city-approved sanitary sewer cleanouts will be added to each home in the block. Once the water and sewer work is completed, bricks on the street will be re-set.

What Residents of the 300 Block Should Expect

  • Construction will occur from 7 am to 5 pm on weekdays. Your block will be closed to through traffic but you will have access to your driveways at all times. Street parking may not be available during construction.
  • Garbage pickup should not be affected.
  • If a planned temporary water service shut-off is necessary, you will be notified 24 hours in advance with a door hanger on your front door. Service interruptions will be minimal.
  • If you experience discolored water, run cold water taps for 3 to 5 minutes until water clears. If the water does not clear, contact Lynchburg Water Resources at 434-455-4250.

2 oak trees even numbered side

Trees along the street in front of even-numbered houses will be removed and new trees will be planted at the end of the project.   

slate sidewalk

Portions of the sidewalk will be removed to install water services. The slate sidewalk will be replaced with the original material; the concrete portions will be tinted to match the original sidewalk.

Street View

Street bricks will be re-set in the same pattern as the 400 block using new brick for the driving lanes and historic brick in the parking lanes.