College Lake Dam Removal


College Lake Dam Removal GraphicThe City of Lynchburg and the University of Lynchburg are partnering on the College Lake Dam Removal Project. Our shared vision is to remove the high-hazard dam and restore the resulting lakebed to a thriving environment where Blackwater Creek can re-emerge after more than eight decades.

The City and University will transition the lakebed into a wetlands ecosystem and learning laboratory: a place where students, residents, and tourists can study urban wetland ecology and enjoy time in nature. In the process, we will improve public safety and showcase water quality improvements in our urban environment.

Watch the video below to learn more about the project, then visit our special College Lake Dam Removal website for the latest on the project, interactive maps, the history of College Lake and more.

Click below to visit our College Lake Dam Removal website:

College Lake Dam


For questions or media inquiries regarding the project, contact Whitney Roberts, Communications Specialist, at 434-455-4064 or by email at