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If your residence or business does not have a connection to Lynchburg's water and sewer systems, then you may qualify to connect to the system. To find out if you qualify for this service, review the information above regarding new connections or contact the Water Resources Construction office via phone at 434-455-8310. Below is a listing of fees for new connections.

Description (Connection Fees Only)
Fees July 1, 2018 (FY 2019)
Water (3/4-inch service, 5/8-inch meter)
Water (1-inch service, 5/8-inch meter)
Water (1-inch service, 5/8-inch meter)
Greater than 1" (cost plus 15%)
$1,400 minimum
Sewer (4-inch diameter house building sewer)
Sewer Larger than 4-inch diameter building sewer (cost plus 15%)
$1,450 minimum

Note: Availability fees are charged in most cases in addition to Connection Fees. To determine the total cost, please call the Water Resources Construction office via phone at 434-485-8310.

City Code

The rules and regulations that are governed by the City of Lynchburg regarding the water and sewer systems are outlined in the City Code. Chapter 34 addresses the Sewer system while Chapter 39 address the Water system. Please refer to these sections for water and sewer code issues.

In addition, Low Pressure Sanitary Sewer systems are permitted when they meet the requirements of the LPSS Policy (PDF).

Design Specifications

The City has a list of specifications and standards that must be followed when working within the City limits. This link will direct you to the complete Manual of Specifications.

Sewer Bill Adjustment Program

The Sewer Bill Adjustment program was established for industrial and commercial customers who would like to receive relief on their sewer bill for water used that does not return to the sewer system for treatment. There are two methods for relief - Annual or Monthly. Each method carries its own requirements and relief rates. For more information on the Sewer Bill Adjustment Program and application, please select one of the following documents.

Industrial Pretreatment Program

This program is required by both Federal (40 CFR 403) and state (9VAC25-31-10 et seq.) regulations for various publicly-owned wastewater treatment plants, the Lynchburg Regional Water Resource Recovery Facility being one. The program is designed to prevent treatment works upset, pass through of the treatment system and protection of sludge quality through the regulation of significant industrial facilities, including categorical industries, which discharge into the sanitary sewer system. Industrial facilities coming under the regulations must apply for and receive a permit from the City of Lynchburg's Department of Water Resources. Information on obtaining a permit may be obtained by calling the Industrial Monitoring Coordinator via phone at 434-455-6240.

View the Industrial Users Regulations and Practices (PDF) documents for more information. 

Additional information on the pretreatment program can also be obtained by going to either the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's website at or the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality's website at and searching for either the program or the specific agency's regulation.

Backflow Prevention Program

The Department of Water Resources must identify potential cross-connection hazards and determine necessary protective measures to maintain water quality. This can be accomplished through the Cross-Connection Control and Backflow Prevention Program. The program identifies those activities which pose a threat to the public water supply through cross-connections and outlines appropriate protective measures. Please follow the requirements outlined in the Backflow Prevention Program when designing, constructing and/or renovating within the City of Lynchburg. Doing so will make for a smoother connection to the City's water system.

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