Jury Information

  • Each month the Circuit Court sends a list of randomly selected citizens of the city of Lynchburg to be summoned for jury duty for the next term.
  • A term is the period of time beginning the first Monday of the month and ending the last Friday of that same month.
  • Each summoned juror is given a specific date to appear referred to as 'first report date'. Other instructions are included with the summons and should be read and followed closely.
  • When summoned for Jury Duty, it is an official court document and failure to comply could result in fines or you could be held in contempt of court.

Summoning Jurors - The Process

  • Each month the Sheriff's Office receives a list of prospective jurors (Lynchburg residents) from the Circuit Court Clerk.
  • Jurors (who haven't served in the past three years) are randomly selected to determine the report date. Jurors are selected for 30 day periods (usually).
  • Depending on cases (civil or criminal), the Sheriff's Office summons the number of jurors needed. First contact is made by phone. Occasionally, a 
  • Deputy Sheriff will serve the summons in person if they can't be contacted via phone.
  • Information is mailed to each juror (instruction sheet, parking pass, letter from the Circuit Court and a jury questionnaire).
  • Jurors can ask to be excused from jury duty, however a summons is still given. Jurors are asked to contact the Circuit Court Clerk regarding exemptions.
  • Summoned jurors report to the Circuit Court building located at 900 Court Street, Lynchburg, Virginia.
  • Citizens summoned to serve on the Grand Jury report to the Circuit Court on the first Monday of the month at 8:30 am

Note: If you have any concerns or feel that you are in any way unable to serve as summoned, you must call the Lynchburg Circuit Court at 434-455-2620 and explain your situation to a court clerk.