Backflow Prevention

The City of Lynchburg Department of Water Resources is responsible for providing water and wastewater service to the customers of the City of Lynchburg. It is our obligation to insure the health, safety and welfare of our customers by making a continuous effort to provide quality services. The focus of this program is to protect the public water system and our customers.

Water suppliers must identify potential cross-connection hazards and determine necessary protective measures to maintain water quality. This can be accomplished through the Cross-Connection Control and Backflow Prevention Program. The program identifies those activities which pose a threat to the public water supply through cross-connections and outlines appropriate protective measures.

It is the purpose of this program to communicate the requirements for protecting our water supply. Please use the links and resources on this website regarding Cross-Connections and Backflow Prevention. If you have any questions or concerns regarding Cross-Connection Control and Backflow Prevention Program, please contact the City of Lynchburg's Compliance Specialist at 434-455-4261.

Backflow Documentation