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Deputy and Person Involved in Project Lifesaver Save - July 2017Lynchburg Project Lifesaver was inaugurated in April 2002, now under the direction of co-founder Sheriff Don Sloan, became operational in June of that year. The Lynchburg Sheriff's Office is the lead agency in Lynchburg with assistance from the Lynchburg Police Department.

Lynchburg Project Lifesaver utilizes state-of-the-art technology to bring loved ones home who suffer various conditions causing them to wander and become lost. Many times, these people end up inside a building, deep in the woods, or simply in a closet in the basement of a residence. It is because of these locations that Project Lifesaver utilizes radio telemetry tracking technology and not GPS or cell phone technology which requires the assistance of satellites or complicated signal repeater systems.

Lynchburg Project Lifesaver search teams, since the program inception, has over 112 successful search and rescues of missing residents who were enrolled in the program. During 2018 alone, Lynchburg Project Lifesaver teams had three successful rescues. The average search time is 30 minutes once the search has been initiated. Persons who wander from their care provider can walk up to four miles in an hour and depending upon weather conditions their survival rate is only 50% after the first 24-hours. Thus it is paramount to find these victims in a timely manner. Project Lifesaver's motto of "Bringing your loved ones home" is not just a motto, but is our mission.

Lynchburg Project Lifesaver, Inc. is a 501 (3) C non-profit (Federal ID Number 47-0912835). The initial cost to enroll someone in the program is approximately $350 per year. This covers the cost of the transmitter, battery tester, batteries and security bands. Most of this cost is covered through our annual fundraiser which has sustained this program since its inception.

Lynchburg Project Lifesaver currently has 45 clients in the program. Lynchburg Sheriff's Office deputies visit each client at least once per month to verify that all equipment is functioning properly and to address any other concerns of family members or guardians.

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