Leaf Collection

Loose Leaf Collection Normally Done Between November & January

Annual loose leaf collection in the City of Lynchburg is typically conducted between November and January. This year, Public Works crews began leaf collection on October 31 with a four-week sweep throughout the city. Once this sweep is completed, crews will begin leaf collection in the dedicated Wards.

The schedule below for leaf collection in the dedicated Wards is tentative and subject to change based on equipment, staff availability, and inclement weather. Please refer to this site and social media channels for updates. In addition, residents can always call the Citizens First Information Center at 434-856-CITY during normal business hours for information.

Please use the Ward and Precincts Map to find your ward.

Leaf Collection Guidelines

This is a free service available in the fall, November through January, or until all leaves are collected. No phone call is necessary. Please rake leaf piles curbside being careful not to pile them in the street, near fire hydrants, or next to trees. Leaf piles should be free of sticks and rocks. NOTE: Inclement weather can impact the dates listed above. Residents will be notified if schedule changes are made.

Other Options

  • Residents may choose to bag their leaves; however, the leaves must be placed in the blue pre-paid trash bags and placed curbside along with regular trash on the designated collection days anytime during the year.
  • Save time and money! Compost Your Leaves. Leaves are an excellent source of compost.
  • Residents may take bagged leaves (not in pre-paid blue trash bags) directly to the Concord Turnpike Landfill (included in the "500 pounds free per month" guideline for City residents).