John Capron Road Extension

John Capron Road is located in the City of Lynchburg's industrial area off of Odd Fellows Road consisting of many industrial businesses including the recently added Boxley Asphalt plant. The street started off of Mayflower Drive but terminated shortly after approximately half of a mile of roadway. The many industrial vehicles from the area all used Mayflower and Candlers Mountain Road to get to 460 which became heavily congested with the commercial truck traffic. The extension of John Capron Road had been proposed to be extended out to Odd Fellows Road when that road was improved. Due to the approval of a SMART SCALE project, Odd Fellows Road was completed out to U.S. 460. With help from the City's Office of Economic Development and VDOT Revenue Sharing funds, the City was then able to complete the extension of John Capron Road which gives tractor-trailers and heavy asphalt trucks a more direct route from the industrial area to route 460, keeping Candlers Mountain Road open to local light vehicular traffic.

This City project partnered with VDOT and consisted of the installation of 1854 lf of a new 12 inches waterline, 4 new fire hydrants, a new storm system, a sidewalk, and a new 30 feet wide road that connects from the Boxley Corporation on John Capron Road to Odd Fellows Road. The project started on October 9, 2019, and ended on August 12, 2020. The construction cost was $1,381,989.06 and was carried out by Counts and Dobyns, Inc.

This road (with City infrastructure) project will help relieve heavy traffic from John Capron Road onto Mayflower Drive, as traffic can now connect directly onto the end of Odd Fellows Road and onto Highway 460.