Energy Assistance Programs


The Energy Assistance Program (EAP) consists of two components: Fuel Assistance (FA) and Emergency Crisis Assistance (CAP). The FA component is intended to provide supplemental assistance to offset the rising costs of home heating expenses. The CAP component is intended to provide assistance with heating equipment needs and emergency fuel outages. Fuel Assistance opens the 2nd Tuesday in October. The last day for applying is the 2nd Friday in November.

To Qualify

  • Have a heating need
  • Meet the income and resource levels (include all persons living in the household)
  • Live in an eligible living arrangement
  • Meet the citizenship requirements

Crisis Assistance applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Income level
  • Resource level


Begins the first working day in November; you may only receive a deposit once per lifetime per fuel type (natural gas, electric, and LP gas).

Heating Equipment

Begins the first working day in November for replacement, purchase or repair of primary heating source.

Primary Fuel

Begins the first working day in January. Requires cut-off notice for electric and gas or almost out of fuel oil, wood, coal or island-purchased kerosene.

Cooling Assistance

Offered this summer (2022) beginning June 15, the requirements for this summer are as follows:

  • Clients must have at least one vulnerable person in the household (child under 6, person over 60, or someone receiving 100% disability).
  • Termination is not required, but an electric bill with a balance due is required.
  • If the client has paid the bill and has a $0 balance, the request will be denied. Clients will have to reapply when they receive another bill with a balance due.

Note: Cooling Assistance only pays amount of bill balance at time of application, so if a client submits an application and qualifies and does not owe the full amount of the benefit, they must bring in additional bill(s) each month, up until August 15 to receive additional payment/benefit toward their bill. Services offered include electric payments, electric security deposits, window AC if no AC in the home at all, window fans (also if no cooling equipment in the home), and repairs for homeowners with central AC.

For additional information, or to request an application for any of the programs listed above, contact us via phone at 434-455-5850 or email us.

Apply online for Energy Assistance.