Apply for Right of Way Permits

New Online Permit Form Procedure - as of April 2019

Under City Code sections 25-212 and 35-12 work in City Right-of-Way (ROW) requires a permit from the Engineering Department and payment of a fee set by the City Manager. Violation of this Code section is a Class IV misdemeanor. Following is a list of activities to be permitted and the required submittals for those proposed activities prior to receiving a permit. (Note: a Certificate of Insurance is required for all permits unless the requestor has a franchise or license agreement with the City.)

Merchants / Businesses / Vendors

(All areas in the Right-of-Way other than on sidewalks and walkways)

  • Food Stands or Truck
  • Signs or other appendages of a building projection over, streets, alleys or other public property


Temporary Uses

  • Storage/Pods/Staging Equipment/Scaffolding
  • Dumpsters
  • Over Head or any other encroachment not listed above


Restaurants / Lounging / Cafés / Other

(Any objects or merchandise placed on a sidewalk or City walkway)

  • Food Stands or Tables/Chairs/Etc.
  • Display and/or Sale of Merchandise/signs (i.e. sandwich boards) and beautifications


Maintenance of Traffic (MOT)

  • Work Zones
  • Sidewalk Closures
  • Driveway Permit