Virginia Retirement System Hybrid Plan

The Virginia Retirement System provides retirement, disability, and death benefits to employees and/or their beneficiaries. The City pays 20.96% of base pay towards the retirement and disability benefit, and employees pay the member contribution of 5% of base pay. VRS Hybrid members may elect to contribute an additional 4%.

Life insurance is provided at no cost to the employee and is a defined benefit plan that covers all full-time employees. Defined benefit plans promise employees a lifetime monthly benefit payable at retirement. The amount of the retirement benefit is based on a specific formula that uses final average compensation, age, and years of service. Employees must meet all other eligibility requirements. For more information, log into your myVRS account.


Employees holding full-time positions are automatically enrolled in VRS.

VRS Effective Date

Date of HiteWhen Your VRS Service is Effective
On or before the first business day (see note) of the month1st of the month you were hired
After the first business day (see note) of the month1st of the following month you were hired

Please note: Saturdays, Sundays, and banking holidays are not business days.


The City pays 20.96%, and employees pay 5% of base pay (pre-tax) towards the VRS benefit.

Beneficiary Information

Employees should complete a Designation of Beneficiary Form only if they want benefits to be paid differently than the following order of precedence.

  1. Spouse
  2. Children and descendants of deceased children
  3. Parents
  4. Appointed Executor or Estate Administrator
  5. Other next of kin

Leaving the City but not old enough for retirement?

VRS Hybrid - View your options.

Questions? You may call 888-827-3847.