Fire Marshal

The Fire Marshal's office (FMO) has a proud history of serving Lynchburg's citizens. The Fire Marshal oversees the division's efforts in fire inspections, fire investigations, fire prevention, plans review, issuance of permits, and numerous other functions. The FMO staff consists of the Fire Marshal, Deputy Fire Marshals, Assistant Fire Marshal, and a Public Education Specialist.

The Virginia Statewide Fire Prevention Code, which is adopted in City Code Section 19-42, is currently used to enforce fire safety. The FMO conducts fire safety inspections in many of the facilities located throughout Lynchburg. In addition, the FMO addresses citizen complaints regarding fire code issues.

Destruction of property or worse, loss of life due to fires, is very traumatic. The FMO is sympathetic to all who are affected by fires and will work diligently and relentlessly to provide explanations as to why fires occur through fire investigations. Often times their fire investigation work leads to answers on how we can all be more fire safe. As part of their duties, the Fire Marshal personnel are responsible for the investigation of all fires and explosions and are fully sworn law enforcement personnel.