Starting a New Service

Tenants or Landlords

Information needed when starting a service:

  • Please note we do not start service on the same day, on weekends or holidays. Services will start on the next business day.
  • The service address, the name(s) on service account, telephone number, email address, mailing address, the date service will begin- a copy of a lease for tenants and make a deposit payment. The deposit payment is applied to the final bill when the account is closed.
  • Landlord Authorization Form (PDF) must be completed and signed by the legally recorded property owner or authorized agent. Landlord forms can be emailed.
  • Customers requesting to start service as a Tenant account are required to submit a Landlord Authorization Form (PDF) and make a deposit prior to the service start date.


Customers requesting to start service as an owner may have the deposit payment waived by signing up for bank draft or providing a letter of credit from a current or previous utility provider. The letter of credit can be faxed to 434-455-4178.