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Payment/Fines Costs

If you are convicted of a criminal charge in the Circuit Court, court costs and fines will be assessed to you as a part of the conviction. The Circuit Court offers several ways to pay these costs as outlined in the payment plan guidelines.

Pay Fines/Costs Online

You can pay your fines and costs online by selecting the link below. You must apply your payment to the correct case number.

If you have multiple cases, please call our office at 434-455-2620 to make sure you know which case to apply your payment to.

Note: If you are paying off restitution, you must contact our office at 434-455-2620 to ensure your payment is properly applied.

Case Alert Subscription System (CASS)

You can receive alerts or reminders by text or email for traffic or criminal cases when you subscribe to CASS by visiting VA Courts and subscribing to alerts. After you have subscribed you can search for the case(s) using the Search Criteria fields and select the cases you want to receive notifications on. Finally, click Subscribe.

Restricted License Information

There are many reasons an individual's license can be suspended or revoked. Most commonly, the Criminal Division works with individuals who have lost their license due to a drug charge of some type, a DUI/DWI conviction, and/or a conviction of driving while suspended.

An individual who wishes to obtain a restricted license should first go to the DMV and obtain a compliance summary. The compliance summary gives you an outline of what needs to be done in order to get your license back. Once you have obtained this, you may bring it to the Criminal window, at which time a deputy clerk will review the compliance summary as well as your charges in this Court and determine what can be done to either help you get full restoration of your license or a restricted license. If it is determined that you are eligible for a restricted license in this Court, you will need to fill out the Petition for Restricted License.

Please note that this Criminal Division can only assist you with a restricted license for Criminal charges in this Court and cannot issue restrictions for any other Court in the City of Lynchburg, or the Commonwealth of Virginia. Once the petition is filled out completely, it will be attached to your compliance summary and sent to the appropriate judge for review.

Electronic Voucher Payment System (EVPS)

The Electronic Voucher Payment System is used by attorneys for online submission of the DC-40 (List of Allowances) by court-appointed counsel.

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