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    Virginia Initiative for Employment not Welfare (VIEW)

    Virginia’s Initiative for Employment not Welfare (VIEW) is a required program for persons receiving TANF benefits. The program provides various services to enable TANF recipients to become self-sufficient through employment. The program has requirements that participants must meet in order to continue receiving TANF benefits. In the event that a mandatory participant declines the services of the VIEW program, or does not comply with VIEW requirements, the TANF case is closed or sanctioned.

    Those who participate in the VIEW program are required to be involved in work-related activities for a minimum of 35 hours per week. Those who take advantage of the VIEW program are offered a variety of services to support their plan to become self sufficient. These include job readiness, appropriate evaluations, access to training and other services to assist in overcoming employment barriers.  Full-time employment for all participants is the ultimate goal of the program.

    VIEW clients are given two years to become gainfully employed. Supportive services such as child care, Medicaid, and transportation are offered during this two year period with an additional year of transition services.

    For more information about VIEW call:  (434) 455-5850.

    EMPLOYMENT SERVICES are provided to TANF recipients to help individuals secure employment, training, or education leading to employment with a goal of self-support. Aspects of the Employment Services Program may include individual job search, Job Coaching, education/training, CWEP (Community Work Experience Program), and supportive services such as transportation and child care for eligible families.

    For more information about Employment Services call: (434) 455-5606.

    Career Development is a workshop which teaches all aspects of gaining, keeping, and advancing in a career. We encourage careers instead of jobs, providing support and encouragement to reach career goals.

    For more information about Career Development call: (434) 455-5622.

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