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    Vehicle License Fee

    The City of Lynchburg assesses an annual license fee on every motor vehicle, motorcycle and trailer that is garaged in the city and has an active state registration.  License fees are due on June 5 each year and are included on the personal property tax bill.

    Amount of License Fees

    Passenger Vehicle (4000 lbs. and less) $29.50
    Passenger Vehicle (4001 lbs. and over) $34.50
    Motorcycle $21.00
    Travel Trailer $29.50
    Trailer (1-1500 lbs.) $8.00
    Trailer (1501-4000 lbs.)  $18.50
    Trailer (4001 lbs. and over) $23.00

     If you have questions regarding the Vehicle License Fee  434-455-3870.

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