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    Trash System

    Choosing your trash cart is easy! If your home does not have a cart already, just call Citizens First at(434) 856-2489 and order your cart. We'll even deliver it to your house! You can also switch the size of your cart for free, however, the tag or decal price will change. And, if you need an extra cart, you can purchase a 32-gal. cart for $37.50 (used 32-gal. available for $20.00) or a 64-gal. cart for $47. The cart you purchase is yours, however, the cart that is provided to that address must stay with the property if you move.

    Just as a reminder...

    Place the correct decal or trash tag on your cart.

    A 32-gal. cart requires a .95 cent tag or a $40 decal.

    A 64-gal. cart requires a $1.90 tag or an $80 decal.

    If your current cart is not the best size for your household, please call Citizens First at 856-2489 to switch sizes or to purchase an extra cart.

    Trash bags that do not fit in your trash cart should be placed beside the trash cart and MUST have a .95 cent trash tag attached.

    Remember you can save money by recycling!


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