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    Trash Collection Guidelines

    Trash Collection Guidelines

    • Place the correct decal on your cart: a 32-gal. cart requires a $55 decal and a 64-gal. cart requires an $110 decal.
    • All trash should be inside the cart with the lid shut completly.
    • Trash bags that do not fit in your trash cart should be placed beside the trash cart in a pre-paid City of Lynchburg blue trash bag.
    • Remember you can save money by recycling!

    Please place your trash cart out on the curb by 7:00 a.m. on your collection day. All trash needs to be secure inside the cart with the lid shut. Any trash that does not fit inside the cart with the lit closed, needs to be put into a prepaid City of Lynchburg Blue Bag and tied and placed next to the trash cart.

    Below are examples of incorrect trash setouts which receive a violation notice. If your cart/lid is broken, please contact the City for a replacement (434-856-2489).

    Examples of Violations

    No Valid Decal Wrong Size Decal
    Overflow Above the Rim Broken/Damaged Lid
    Overflow Beside Cart All Trash Not in Prepaid Bags