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    Swim Lessons

    Choose the American Red Cross Swim Lesson that suits your needs. Individual classes are between 30 and 45 minutes in length. Each class meets a total of eight sessions. Mondays through Thursdays. Fridays are reserved for make-up days. All classes are held at the Miller Park Pool. Register by Wednesday before. $40 Lynchburg resident, $55 non-resident. Descriptions of class levels and other useful information is found in our Parents Guide.

    CLICK HERE TO REGISTER or call 455-5858. 

    Additional Classes
    Level 3: 7/29-8/8, 9:40am-10:25am
    Level 5/6: 7/30-8/8, 9:40am-10:25am

    Scholarship Program
    The Lynchburg Parks and Recreation Department offers scholarships to City of Lynchburg residents who may need financial assistance. Scholarships are available to residents of all ages and can assist in paying for a program offered through our department. Scholarships are not available for WSI or Lifeguard classes. Download our Scholarship Application form.

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