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    Stormwater Advisory Committee (SWAC)

    In the past decade, the City of Lynchburg has encountered increasing challenges in the area of stormwater management, which have primarily been focused on site development and the City’s stormwater management permit. These challenges have included stricter site erosion and sedimentation controls, channel protection from increased stormwater quantity runoff, and nutrient related water quality protection.

    With new regulations on the horizon these challenges will become more pronounced. Additionally, unfunded State and Federal regulatory requirements, such as those related to the Chesapeake Bay Estuary and the James River, will likely further complicate how we manage stormwater. To ensure that we are well prepared for the current and future challenges of managing stormwater, the City has been studying its stormwater related activities and costs.

    The goal of this study is to determine the appropriate level of stormwater service that meets both existing and future regulatory requirements as well as public expectations. We also hope to determine the most fair and equitable method for funding these current and future stormwater activities.

    One of the first steps in this study was to establish a Stormwater Advisory Committee, whose members represent the interests of a cross section of the city’s key business, residential, educational, and institutional leadership. This Committee would provide both feedback and input to the city staff and consultants carrying out the study.

    Committee members

    Meeting Presentations & Notes

    Meeting Notices

    #1 Stormwater Management Overview May 20, 2010
    #2 Project Components & Expenditures June 24, 2010
    #3 Level of Service Analysis & Alternatives July 15, 2010
    #4 Stormwater Funding Options Sept 16, 2010
    #5 Revenue Scenarios Oct 21, 2010
    #6 Review Recommendations Nov 18, 2010
    #7 Evaluate/Modify Recommendations for Council Dec 16, 2010
    #8 Finalize Recommendations for Council Jan 20, 2011










    All SWAC Meetings are held at the James River Conference Center from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm.

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