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    Sec. 9-6.1. City Ordinances.


    Sec. 9-6.1. City ordinances.
    Pursuant to the provisions of Section 15.1-142 and 15.1-142.1 of the Code of Virginia (1950), as amended, all of the ordinances of the Code of the City of Lynchburg (1981), as amended, shall be applicable to the property owned by the City in Campbell County and operated as the Lynchburg Regional Airport. The members of the Lynchburg Police Department, having powers of arrest in the City, may go or may be sent to the Lynchburg Regional Airport for the purpose of protecting the airport property, keeping order therein, and otherwise enforcing the City's ordinances and laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia on the airport property. In addition to exercising full police powers at the Lynchburg Regional Airport such police officers shall also have the power to make arrests for the violation of any ordinances or laws occurring on the airport property. In the event any ordinance of the City of Lynchburg conflict with the provisions of any ordinance duly adopted by Campbell County, the Campbell County ordinance shall prevail. (Ord. No. O-92-220, 7-14-92)
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