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    Sec. 9-53. Responsibilities.


    Sec. 9-53. Responsibilities.
    The commission shall have the responsibilities as follows:
    (a) Assist the City in marketing the airport through airport marketing programs.
    (b) Work with air carriers to provide additional air service or to improve existing air service.
    (c) Consider the introduction of new technology to the airport such as automated weather-reporting systems or radar.
    (d) Assist the City generally in determining the future needs of the airport for the purpose of recommending the consideration of improvements.
    (e) Make recommendations on such matters as lease fees, selling and/or leasing surplus airport property and airport maintenance operations.
    (f) Conduct research and operational planning to assist the City in planning for the expansion of the airport and to meet aviation needs.
    (g) Endeavor to raise the consciousness of area citizens, businesses and elected officials in Central Virginia regarding the airport and its role as an important regional resource.
    (h) Make recommendations to the City Manager for his consideration in adopting Rules and Regulations pursuant to Section 9-6 of this Chapter. (Ord. No. O-90-321, 10-23-90, eff. 1-1-91)
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