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    Sec. 9-4. Same - Duties General.


    Sec. 9-4. Same--Duties general.
    The airport manager shall have general control and management of the Lynchburg Regional Airport under the direction of the city manager. It shall be the duty of the airport manager to see that the grounds, buildings and other city property at said airport are maintained in proper condition. He shall be responsible for planning, organizing, directing and administering all functions and activities of said airport. He shall represent the city in dealing with the Federal Aviation Administration, airlines, fixed base operators, concessionaires and other users of the airport. He shall be responsible for negotiating and administering all airport leases. He shall conduct research and operational planning as required to make recommendations for the development and expansion of the airport to meet aviation growth and community needs. He shall be responsible for maintaining liaison with federal, state and local agencies. He shall supervise the enforcement of all laws and regulations of the Federal Aviation Administration, state and city pertaining to said airport. (Code 1959, § 3-3; Ord. No O-91-224, 9-10-91, eff. 10-1-91)
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