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    Sec. 8-3. Use.


    Sec. 8-3. Use.
    (a) The barracks area of the armory shall be allocated to the exclusive use of the National Guard.
    (b) The auditorium area of the armory shall be made available to the National Guard two (2) weekends per month. At other times the city shall control the use of the auditorium area.
    (c) No permit shall be granted for the use of the auditorium unless the occasion is one of general public interest involving larger attendance than can be reasonably accommodated elsewhere in the city. When the auditorium is so used under a permit, the custody, control and care of the same for the occasion of such use shall be under the direction of the city manager, and shall be in compliance with such terms and conditions set forth in the permit. (Code 1959, § 5-3)
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