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    Sec. 7-95. Quarantine of Suspected Animal.


    Sec. 7-95. Quarantine of suspected animal.
    Any animal which bites or scratches a person or which otherwise gives symptoms of having rabies shall be immediately reported to the director of health and shall thereupon be securely quarantined at the direction of the director of health, for a period of ten (10) days, and shall not be released from such quarantine except by written permission of the director of health or under his direction. At the discretion of the director of health, such quarantine may be on the premises of the owner, at the shelter designated as the city pound, or at the owner's option and expense, in a veterinary hospital of his choice. In the case of stray animals, or in the cases of animals whose ownership is not known, such quarantine shall be at the shelter designated as the city pound.
    Last updated date: 10/23/2006 4:15:21 PM