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    Sec. 7-9. Keeping Hogs.


    Sec. 7-9. Keeping hogs.
    It shall be unlawful for any person to keep a live pig, hog or pot bellied pig within the corporate limits of the city, except for the purpose of immediate killing in slaughterhouses, unless kept in a pen at least two hundred (200) yards from the nearest dwelling other than that of the owner of the pig or hog. The pen must be maintained free from flies and in a sanitary condition. Whenever in the opinion of the animal warden the pen shall become a nuisance, he shall order it to be abolished at once. Instead of a pen, a pot bellied pig may be kept inside the owner’s or custodian’s home as long as the keeping of the pig does not cause any offensive odors or noises that disturb any citizen of the city in the reasonable use and enjoyment of their property. When outside its owner’s or custodian’s home or its pen, a pot bellied pig must be secured by a leash or lead. If a pot bellied pig is kept outside it will be considered to be livestock and not a pet. (Code 1959, § 4-9; Ord. No. O-01-171, 9-18-01)
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