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    Sec. 7-7.2. Recovery of Costs for Impounded Animals.


    Sec. 7-7.2. Recovery of costs for impounded animals.
    Whenever the animal warden or the deputy animal wardens seize and impound any animal that has been abandoned, has been cruelly treated, is suffering from an apparent violation of the Virginia Comprehensive Animal Care Act that has rendered the animal in such a condition as to constitute a direct and immediate threat to its life, safety or health, or is alleged to be a dangerous or vicious dog, the owner of the animal shall be responsible for paying the impoundment fees set forth in Article III, of Chapter 7 of the city code. The animal shall not be released to the owner until the impoundment fees have been paid. If the animal is seized and impounded for a period of more than thirty (30) days the owner of the animal shall post a bond in surety with the city for the cost of boarding the animal for a period of nine (9) months. If the animal is not boarded for the entire nine (9) months, the city will refund the unused portion of the bond to the owner. The failure of an owner to post the required bond shall be an unlawful act and punishable as a class 4 misdemeanor. In any legal proceeding involving an animal that has been seized or impounded, the court may order the owner of such animal to reimburse the city for the cost of boarding the animal. The owner of any animal that is seized and impounded shall not be required to pay the cost of boarding the animal if no charges are brought against the owner, or the charges are subsequently dismissed, or upon trial the owner is found not guilty. (Ord. No. O-09-023, 4-14-09)
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