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    Sec. 7-7.1. Care of Animals by Owner; Penalty.


    Sec. 7-7.1. Care of animals by owner; penalty.
    (a) Each owner shall provide for each of his companion animals:
    (1) Adequate feed;
    (2) Adequate water;
    (3) Adequate shelter that is properly cleaned;
    (4) Adequate space in the primary enclosure for the particular type of animal depending upon its age, size, species, and weight;
    (5) Adequate exercise;
    (6) Adequate care, treatment, and transportation; and
    (7) Veterinary care when needed or prevent suffering or disease transmission.
    The provisions of this section shall also apply to every animal shelter, pound, dealer, pet shop, exhibitor, kennel, groomer, and boarding establishment. This section shall not require that animals used as food for other animals be euthanized.
    (b) Game and wildlife species shall be cared for in accordance with regulations promulgated by the Board of Game and Inland Fisheries by January 1, 1994, and any subsequent amendments or revisions to such regulations.
    (c) Violation of this section is a class 4 misdemeanor. (Ord. No. O-01-171, 9-18-01)
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