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    Sec. 7-38. Rabies Vaccination Required.


    Sec. 7-38. Rabies vaccination required.
    (a) It shall be unlawful for any person to own, keep, hold or harbor any dog or cat, over the age of four (4) months, within the boundaries of the city, unless such dog or cat shall have been vaccinated or inoculated against rabies with a species appropriate vaccine approved by the United States department of agriculture and administered by a licensed veterinarian or by a certified animal technician approved by the Virginia board of veterinary medicine, and has received any required revaccination against rabies as specified in the certificate of vaccination.
    (b) Any person transporting a dog or cat into the city from some other jurisdiction shall be required to conform with the above regulation within fourteen (14) days.
    (c) Any person owning, keeping or harboring any dog or cat over four (4) months old shall have the required vaccination performed within thirty (30) days of the passage of this section, or within fourteen (14) days from the day on which the dog or cat is first owned, kept, harbored or moved into the city by the person, whichever is later.
    (d) The owner of any dog or the owner's agent shall attach to the collar of such dog the current rabies tag supplied by the veterinarian or certified animal technician. Such collar and tag shall be worn by the dog at all times such dog is out of doors, whether on or off the premises of the owner. Cat owners are encouraged to tag their cats similarly but are not required to do so.
    (e) The requirements of this section shall not apply to any dogs or cats temporarily brought into the city, for a period not to exceed thirty (30) days, for showing or breeding purposes, if such dogs or cats remain confined at all times. (Code 1959, § 4-42; Ord. of 8-14-79; Ord. No. O-87-059, § 1, 3-24-87; Ord. No. O-88-304, § 1, 11-22-88)
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