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    Sec. 7-126. Nutrition.


    Sec. 7-126. Nutrition.
    All animals shall be supplied with sufficient, wholesome food and water, free from contamination, and which food and water shall be of sufficient quantity and nutritive value to meet the normal daily requirements for the condition and size of each animal and to assure the proper health of each animal.
    (a) Water. Fresh, potable water shall be available at all times unless veterinary orders indicate to the contrary.
    (b) Food. Animals other than certain reptiles shall be fed at least once each twelve (12) hours, including Sunday and holidays, except as otherwise might be prescribed by a licensed veterinarian. Reptiles shall be fed in accordance with the customary feeding habits of the species. Puppies and kittens under four (4) months of age shall have food continuously available or be fed at least three (3) times in each twenty-four (24) hour period. An adequate supply of fresh food shall be available to birds and small rodents at all times, unless veterinarian instruments are to the contrary.
    (c) Food and water receptacles. Each feeding pan shall be durable and shall be sanitized daily. Self-feeders may be used for the feeding of dry food provided that they are durable and are cleaned and sanitized regularly to prevent molding or caking of food. If disposable food receptacles are used, they must be discarded after each feeding. Water vessels shall be designed to provide and dispense adequate quantities of water for the particular species, shall be placed in such a way to prevent spillage, and shall be cleaned and sanitized at least once each day, except that sipper-tube type water bottles, if used, shall be kept clean and sanitized regularly, kept free of dirt, debris and algae, and shall be cleaned and sanitized prior to an animal’s being placed in a primary enclosure. (Ord. No. O-01-171, 9-18-01)
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