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    Sec. 6-79. Revocation or Suspension.


    Sec. 6-79. Revocation or suspension.
    The city manager may revoke or suspend for a period of thirty (30) days the permit for the operation of a bowling alley, billiard room or commercial recreation center if he finds:
    (1) That the premises have been declared a common nuisance by a court of competent jurisdiction.
    (2) That the permittee has consistently failed to operate the center in an orderly manner.
    (3) That the permittee has failed to take prompt and vigorous action to prevent violations of criminal statutes occurring on or about the premises which are known or should have been known to the permittee.
    (4) That circumstances exist which would have justified a denial of such permit at the time of its issuance.
    (5) That the permittee has failed to comply with the provisions of this article. (Ord. of 4-8-75, § 26-20; Ord. No. O-89-289, § 1, 10-24-89)
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